Orange Peto Pant Fluorescent Size L

The Orange Peto Pant Fluorescent Size L is a necessary garment that is very necessary for any sailor since it optimally facilitates the movement of the person in the boat and guarantees that their work will be fulfilled in the best way and in a time less than not having this type of garment.

The Orange PVC Fluorescent Trousers L size has different virtues that make it a perfect garment for lovers of the sea and one of them are the straps that come coupled these being the support of the breastplate and they are made with the best flexibility Found so that this does not create problems on the shoulders and guarantees comfort when wearing this suit.


Characteristics Orange Peto Pant Fluorescent Size L

The Orange L-shaped Fluorescent Peto Pant has an internal mesh that completely covers the suit creating a covered garment and guaranteed by its flexibility.

The Orange PVC Fluorescent Trousers size L has no pockets which eliminates some weight of the suit, making it lighter and more functional.

The Orange PVC Fluorescent Trousers size L contains an adjustment in the area of ​​the ankles that transforms it into the perfect clothing since it does not contain the detail that the hems are an inconvenience when walking.

The L-size Orange Fluorescent PVC Pants ensure that the back elastics provide a perfect fit of the fabric to the body.

The Orange L-shaped Fluorescent Bib Pants size L contains a black knee reinforcement to ensure that this part of the garment does not yield quickly through its use.

The Orange L-shaped fluorescent Peto Pants size L provides a clip to store or cherry easily and quickly.

The Orange PVC Fluorescent Trousers, size L, has no seams in the crotch, thus avoiding accidents when walking.

The Orange PVC Fluorescent Peto Pants size provides two straps that are made in the best way so they do not cause damage to the shoulder area and also last the necessary time because they are reinforced and of a prudent size.

It has an orange color in order to make it more visible to the person who uses it in case it falls into the water.



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