Marine Megaphone EXTRA RINA 12V

The Marine Megaphone EXTRA RINA 12V what you will find in Marine Signalling Equipment is a device that every sailor must have, because it provides the necessary performance in the boat, in addition to its interphone function indicates that it is completely necessary in the boat.

The most important thing is that it can be installed in different kinds of boats offering excellent communication with the neighboring sailors regardless of the area in which you are. The EXTRA RINA 12V Marine Megaphone is assembled in a unique way to ensure that it is a resistant device.

Additionally, it is resistant to water which gives the security that it can be used on the boat without problems. This megaphone contains a microphone and a loudspeaker, both process their work optimally and provide an ideal sound so that conversations are heard without problem.



 Characteristics of the EXTRA RINA 12V Marine Megaphone

The EXTRA RINA 12V Marine Megaphone can be connected with different speakers and will work correctly and this is thanks to its intercom.

It has an optimal operation, provided that it works with the correct voltage, which is 12V.

You can use it in many different models as it is very versatile and lightweight.

The EXTRA RINA 12V Marine Megaphone is fully functional in the reproduction of sounds since it gives the optimal frequency to not have problems of listening in a wrong way.

It is designed so that it is completely resistant to the marine environment and that it is not affected by the movements of the boat

It consists of a loudspeaker and a microphone of the highest quality with which you can hear the best way to speak for it with other boats.

The EXTRA RINA 24V Marine Megaphone includes a front panel in which its functions are placed clearly and precisely, so that signals can be sent correctly.

It has a front panel included and it contains the functions that can be visualized in the best way so that its reading is much easier, thus achieving the use of international signals in the best way.

The EXTRA RINA 24V Marine Megaphone presents a completely useful function which is to inform nearby vessels of their presence at sea and to send messages of any kind, especially if there are incidents that need help.


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