Classic Brass Megaphone 36cm

The Classic Brass Megaphone 36cm is a piece that, although it is old and also does not contain the performance of other devices with better technology, provides a great use because if you have problems in the boat you can send a message at a distance .

It never hurts to have a piece like this in the boat because with it you can be sure that it will not fail when you need it. The Classic Brass Megaphone 36cm is a piece that can be assured that the marine environment will not cause any problems because it is very durable thanks to brass.


Characteristics of the Classic Brass Megaphone 36cm

It works correctly without the need for electricity or batteries so it can be used at any time.

The Classic Brass Megaphone 36cm has a high performance since its operation does not depend on any kind of help but it is provided as well.

It presents a cone-shaped design which guarantees that the message sent will go with a force greater than that emitted.

The 36cm Brass Classic Megaphone guarantees to be able to communicate without having to search for channels or frequency since the message can be given freely in a not very wide radius.

It is very resistant to all the marine environment for which it will not present corrosion of any kind, since it supports both salt water and the sun’s rays very well.

The Classic Brass Megaphone 36cm for being a classic model does not present speaker or microphone it is only the megaphone.

It must be handled by a person who has knowledge of international signals so that the expressed message is the apt one and thus it is guaranteed that it is listened to.

The 36cm brass Classic Megaphone helps notify nearby boats of the location at times when the environment does not provide the necessary vision so that there are no accidents.

The 36cm Brass Classic Megaphone is not linked to the option of interphones and can not be connected to external units. It does not work with alarms or headphones. It is a classic model that will only be useful at times when there is no other way for your message to arrive.

It is made of brass that is a very durable material.

It is a very light element so it can be manipulated by anyone.


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